Plumbing in Arlington County VA

Arlington County was previously known as Alexandria County and is named after Henry Bennet, the Earl of Arlington. Arlington County was originally part of Fairfax County when Virginia was still a colony and before it became a state. Arlington County at one point had been ceded to the United States of America under the 1790 Residency Act and became part of the District of Columbia. The retrocession, or return, of the county back to Virginia happened in 1846 after legislation was passed by both Congress and the State of Virginia. Arlington did not become the official county until 1920. A movement started to rename County to Arlington when the separation of 1870 created the City and County of Alexandria, which became confusing since they both had the same name. Arlington County is now the 6th largest in Virginia, after the 2018 Census, with a population exceeding 237,000 residents. If Arlington ever became a City, it would be considered the 4th largest in the state. Between new home construction and the historic homes that still occupy the area today, an extensive knowledge of plumbing is required to be able to work on all types of plumbing systems that have evolved over the years since the advent of the international plumbing code.

We are your Local Arlington County Plumbers

Plumb Professionals is the best local plumbing company to help with all your plumbing needs. Hard water is one thing Arlington County has that creates problems with our plumbing systems, not to mention the affects is has on hair and skin when showering. Calcification that occurs with hard water can cause faucets to drip, pressure to drop and toilets to run constantly. It also wreaks havoc on our water heaters causing heating efficiency problems and parts to fail prematurely. Water softeners are the best way to take care of the hard water problem increasing the longevity of our plumbing fixtures and equipment. The systems we install also contain a charcoal filter which helps to eliminate the issue of chlorine taste and odor commonly found with municipality water authorities. We have innovative install solutions for homes with limited space and stand by our work with our 1-year warranty guarantee. Our professional plumbers can test your water on site and walk you through the options available for your water conditioning needs. Contact us today for your free evaluation.