At Plumb Professionals, our faucet repair plumbers are experienced with all types and manufacturers and styles. We can help with any problem necessitating faucet repair, replacement or new installation. Whether your issue is a leaking faucet, no water flow or no hot water, We can Help! Our expert plumbers are skilled with diagnosing and solving any kitchen, bath, or bar faucet related issue. When quality and experience matters give us a call. We are your best local faucet experts.

Faucets with running water inside the home has become essential for society today. This is why keeping them functional is so important. When faucets leak or constantly drip and don’t shut off completely, they can cause tarnishing at drains and fixtures. This causes more costly repairs when the drain fittings need to be replaced including the increased water bill. Faucets that don’t temp the water properly also becomes a huge inconvenience. The time will come when faucet repairs are no longer an option and faucet replacement is the only solution. Our professionals plumbers can help with picking the right reliable manufacturer for your new faucet installation. Don’t hesitate to contact the Pro’s when the time comes. We Can Help!

Faucet Repair or Replacement Guidance

Our highly skilled and trained professional plumbers are the best at diagnosing these faucet issues and repairing the problems. You will always receive fair and upfront pricing before work is started. We will give honest and knowledgeable information regarding the repair or replacement options for any faucet in the home. There are a lot of different manufacturers, types and styles of faucets out on the market today. Don’t worry, our plumbers can help guide you in choosing the best fit for your homes décor and budget.

Most faucet related problems can be repaired saving you time and money. If you are experiencing a lack of pressure or low water flow then check the aerators. The screens sometimes get clogged restricting the water flow through the faucet. If your single handle faucet issue is temperature related, then a cartridge replacement may solve the problem. But when the faucet body itself starts leaking, then the only answer is a faucet replacement unfortunately. Our plumbers will give you all the options available so you can make the best informed decision for your home. We will let you know about the newest style faucets on the market and the best brands. Once you decide on a faucet then we can either supply and install it or install one you pick up.

Worry Free Warranty Guarantee

We have a 1 year parts and labor warranty on everything we supply and install. We are unable to warranty homeowner supplied material since we did not purchase it. Sometimes a new faucet is bad out of the box and leaks, but is unknown until it’s installed and tested. We take care of it for free under our worry free guarantee when we supply and install the faucet. Unfortunately we have to charge for our time again when this happens with homeowner supplied faucet installations. 

Faucet Recommendations

One question we always get is recommendations on faucet styles and manufacturers. As service plumbers, we always recommend Moen and American Standard faucets. They have proven to be more reliable and better constructed faucets. Faucet repair parts are typically readily available without having to special order items in times of need. Faucet installations are also better with less moving parts that can possibly fail than some of the other competitors. Both manufacturers also have lifetime warranties with their products should the time come for faucet repairs. Kitchen sink faucet replacements we recommend the “pull down sprayer” type which has more of a goose neck spout feature. This allows for more clearance from the faucet to the sink and has a more natural use of the sprayer. Bathroom faucets we recommend a longer spout reach to bring the water flow away from the edge like older faucets.

Faucets leaking, dripping faucets, low water pressure or no hot water? Contact the faucet repair experts today. We always stand behind all the work we do. This is why we have a one year parts and labor warranty for everything we purchase and repair or install.  We will have your faucet repairs, faucet replacements and faucet installations are done right the first time. Honesty and integrity along with customer service and work quality is something the we pride ourselves on. When plumbing problems occur we are always just a phone call or email away. Contact us Today. We are here to help!