Water Heater Repair & Installation

It is a huge headache when waking up to a cold shower or finding a flood due to a water heater leak. Plumb Professionals is just a phone call away when these issues arrive from nowhere. We’ll troubleshoot and diagnose your water heater issues. Delivering you upfront and competitive pricing without service call fees. To help prevent wastefully spending, water heater replacement may be the recommended solution instead of a repair. With an 8-12 year average lifespan, a 20 year old water heater would make more sense to replace. We will gladly help you navigate whichever avenue you may choose. When replacing the heater is the only option, our professional plumbers can help you in your decision making. On a similar unit, upgrading the size to meet your needs or even a tankless water heater option for example. We can Help. The units we install are professional grade, light commercial duty heaters. They come with a six-year manufacturer parts/tank warranty along with our 1 year warranty. You will receive honest professional opinions regarding water heater replacement options. Without the high-pressure sales tactics employed by most. All materials supplied by Plumb Professionals come with a one year hassle-free parts and labor warranty.

Inspection and Maintenance

Home maintenance can be overwhelming and time consuming but having a regular routine can prevent costly repairs. This is why we recommended flushing your water heater yearly, if not every 6 months. Doing this helps to help eliminated the calcification and sediment build up that occurs over the years. Sediment can adversely affect the efficiency of the water heater by taking up space. Because of this sediment, a barrier is created between the heating source and the water. The affect of this causes decreased efficiency by taking longer to heat the water. Calcification and sediment can destroy water heater electric elements and the temperature probe of a gas valve. When this happens, it creates no hot water situations and causes costly repairs. Plumb Professionals is here to help you with the headaches and time-consumption of proper plumbing maintenance. We offer yearly maintenance plans to help you stay on track. Also giving you peace of mind knowing your investment is running properly and efficiently.

Residential and Commercial

Our professional plumbers are not only trained for residential plumbing services, but are also commercial issues that may arise. While plumbing may be plumbing, there are subtle differences between residential and commercial. Our plumbers at Plumb Professionals are trained in all aspects of plumbing including residential and commercial applications. When a plumber is needed, our professionals can handle the smallest issue to the toughest jobs. Regardless of the size, scope and complexity of equipment, we can help. This is why our highly trained professionals are experienced with diagnosing and solving any problem. Contact us today for your free estimate. One of our professional plumbers will have you up and running again in no time.  

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Endless hot water doesn’t have to be a dream. With a new tankless water heater, you can say “goodbye” to running out of hot water. As a result, everyone would be able to take a hot shower at the same time without issues. Even with the dishwasher and clothes washer are running without sacrificing the water temperature. When including a tankless water heater install with a hot water recirculating line, multiple issues get solved. For instance, you not only get endless hot water, but will also enjoy instant hot water. No more waiting for it to reach your faucets and fixtures. Allowing you to reduce water consumption and save money. We not only install these space and energy saving units, but can also troubleshoot and diagnose them. When they aren’t working properly, Contact us for your free estimate!