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Being one of the newest communities in Fairfax County VA, Reston VA was founded in 1964 by Robert E. Simons and was officially launched on his 50th birthday. The name Reston was conceived by Simons using his initials. Whittlesey, Conklin, & Rossant was the architectural firm that Simons hired to design “one of the most striking communities” as described by many major media publications (Newsweek, Time, New York Times and Life Magazine). Natural preservation was such an importance to Simons that it was explicitly incorporated into the planning of Reston VA, which made Reston VA the first 20th century private community to do this. Simons articulated the motto of the community to be “work, play, live” but has been changed and adopted to be “live, work, play” on Reston merchandise. One of the many benefits to owning a home or business in Reston VA is that all the plumbing systems are newer comparatively to the rest of the region. Not having to deal with terracotta plumbing pipe or corrosive waterlines does have its benefits, but problems can still arise. This is why finding a reputable plumbing company with plumbers familiar to the Reston VA community is so important. Our plumbers have the knowledge and experience to handle any plumbing problem that could come up in your home or place of business.

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One of the common materials used for water pipe when Reston VA was founded was Quest or Polybutylene pipe (made from a plastic flexible material and is grey in color). With many benefits for this type of pipe, the biggest problem was all the leaks and floods that happened due to the deterioration of the pipe and fittings caused by the chlorine municipalities would use to treat the water supply. Our plumbers are experienced in dealing with these Polybutylene pipe repairs and re-pipes along with being able to spot the Quest pipe in a home or place of business. Another common attribute to living in Reston VA is the hard water. Hard water can cause dry skin irritation, hair to become dull/brittle and strip color treated hair. It also creates problems with the fixtures and equipment/appliances we use in our homes, like water heaters and dishwashers, causing the necessity for constant repairs and sooner replacements. Our plumbers can test water on site to determine the level of hardness and can also offer water treatment options to alleviate the hard water problem.

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