At Plumb Professionals, we can handle all plumbing repairs from fixtures (toilets and faucets) to equipment (water heaters, disposals, and sewer ejector/sump pumps) to leaks and clogs. We diagnose the plumbing problem and make sure the repairs we make fix the problem which is why we have a 100% guarantee on our work for 1 full year. We fix it right the first time or we make it right. 

Water leaks that are visible can cause damage around the home, but the hidden leaks can cause hundreds of dollars in higher water bills that ends up warranting a letter from the county or town for high water usage. Hidden leaks would be toilets that run, faucets that drip, water heater expansion valves or T&P valves that continuously release water to a drain or even hosebibs (outside faucets) that don’t shut off all the way.  

Our experienced professional plumbers can find and repair these hidden costly leaks saving you time and money. We also check the plumbing system to find any possible root causes that can create these leaks and equipment failures such as thermal expansion and failed PRV’s.