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plumbing leaks

Plumbing leaks can be disastrous when gone unaddressed. Some leaks are worse than others and some leaks can be fixed with the turn of a wrench. Should the plumbing problem require an experience hand, we are always here and ready to help. Whether your leak is water or gas related, our experienced plumbers can efficiently get you back up and running. When the issue is bigger than you feel comfortable tackling on your own, contact us for your free estimate.

DIY Plumbing Leak Repairs

If you notice plumbing leaks on a shut off valve right where the handle stem goes into the valve body, then simply tightening the “Packing Nut” (which is the hexed nut it passes through just before going into the valve body) can stop this type of leak. Always make sure to back up your wrench to prevent other problems from occurring. You will want to turn this packing nut clockwise in order to tighten and prevent further leaking. If you are unable to tighten further or the plumbing leak gets worse then replacement becomes the only option. Should this be the case, our professionals plumbers can help with replacing your old shut off valves.

If leaking persists, We Can Help! Our professional plumbers are experienced with solving all sorts of leaks, clogs, fixture and equipment repairs/replacements and pressure related noise problems.

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