Garbage disposals are great when they work and can be disastrous when they don’t. An inoperable disposal creates clogging issues and the inability to use the faucet or even the dishwasher when the water has nowhere to go. Disposals that leak can cause costly repairs especially when the problem is not noticed until after the water damage has occurred.

The average lifespan for a garbage disposal is around 8-10 years and like anything else they are recommended to be replaced before the failures begin. Some issues that accompany garbage disposals not working can be fixed by resetting the internal breaker (usually a red button on the bottom side of the disposal near the outside rim) and by manually unjamming the blades (on the bottom side of the disposal in the center is a hole for the wrench to fit so the blades can be manually spun) using the disposer wrench supplied by the manufacturer.

Our highly skilled and trained professional plumbers can help with any problems you may be facing regarding your garbage disposal. When it is time for replacement, our experienced plumbers are the best at offering all the options out there today from the basic builders grade models to the more powerful ultra-quiet models. Call today for your free estimate.