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Established in 1792 through the petition of local landowners to the Virginia General Assembly, Centreville VA was originally part of Loudoun County VA and when the county boundaries shifted just 6 years later, became a permanent part of Fairfax County VA in 1798. The notable history of Centreville VA can be seen through the historical signs marking the Civil War battles fought in close proximity. With its strategic position being close to many main roads, Centreville VA had a significant value to both the Confederate and Union Army’s during the Civil War as supply depot with the first ever built military exclusive railroad. Just over 12 square miles in size, Centreville VA became a densely populated modernized city through the growth boom of the late 90’s and early 2000’s due to the influx of businesses to the area. Home to more than 70,000 residents, Centreville VA is still a central location for visitors and businesses alike. Because of the long and rich history in Centreville VA, a wide range and variety of plumbing (from new to old) can be found in all the residential and commercial buildings. We are proud to be Centreville VA’s best local plumbing company and you can be rest assured that all of our qualified professional plumbers can handle any plumbing need that may arise regardless of its age.

Plumbing in Centreville VA

Our plumbers at Plumb Professionals are highly trained and experienced with repairing old plumbing systems and installing new ones in Centreville VA. Whether your piping system is antiquated, necessitating the urgency for a re-pipe, or the water quality is hard requiring the install of a water softener, We Can Help! Our friendly neighborhood plumbers in Centreville VA can test water samples on site, offer free estimates, give great advice for preventive maintenance and get you back up and running with little to no inconvenience. Should a plumbing problem arise in Centreville VA, the plumbing pro’s at Plumb Professionals are just a phone call away and one of our qualified highly trained plumbing professionals will give you a free consultation. Contact us today!