Water Samples and Testing

Water treatment is an essential part of plumbing. Whole house water filters, softeners, UV lights and iron out systems are water treatment equipment used for improving water quality. It requires knowledge and experience when installing or repairing these important and critical pieces of equipment. How do you know if you need a treatment system in your home? Are you experiencing white or reddish-brown staining at your sinks, fixtures, toilets, tubs and showers? Do you notice a chlorine taste and odor issue when drinking water or running water?  If the answer is yes, then you may need a water treatment system to improve your water quality.

We offer free water samples testing in order to determine the quality of the water in your home. This also helps in finding the proper equipment that best suits your water treatment needs. Our highly skilled and professional plumbers are trained in testing your city and well water. This helps us to properly advise you on the right treatment system for your home or place of business. For well water systems, we send out for laboratory testing in order to get a more complete extensive test.

Water Softener and Whole House Water Filter Installs

The Northern Virginia area typically has very hard water. This includes city and municipality fed water systems. We can determine the amount of hardness, iron and PH through our onsite testing. This helps us to size the proper water softener equipment necessary to handle your water filtration needs. Hard water shows up as white staining at faucets and drains facilitating the need of a water softener. It also accumulates at the bottom of water heaters, clogs filter screens and causes dry skin. Hard water negatively affects efficiency and the volume of hot water that can be produced. It also decreases the life of faucet cartridges, toilet fill valves and all appliances that use water.

The only way to reduce the affects of hard water is to install a water softener. They have to be sized properly for the home and for the minerals that are in the water. The Lancaster city safe water softener systems we install also have a carbon filter. This helps to eliminate the chlorine taste and odor issues often associated with city water. Well water systems typically require not only water softeners but also whole house filters. Acid neutralizers, bacteria killing UV lights, reverse osmosis systems, and/or iron out equipment may also be required. Our professional plumbers are skilled in testing water samples and installing equipment solutions for your home. If you need a water softener or a whole house water filter then Contact us today for a Free estimate! 

Well pump installation

The loss of water to your home is a huge inconvenience often stopping life in its tracks. Our professional plumbers are trained and skilled with well water systems being able to diagnose water failure issues whether it is pump, pressure switch or pressure tank related. When replacement becomes a must, we can replace or upgrade your system allowing for greater lengths of time with the higher water pressure levels. Bigger pressure tanks, increased pressure switches or even constant pressure systems can all give the feel of city pressure on well systems.

With an average lifespan of 10-15 years, we can help in replacing your well pump when the time comes. Often as an emergency a well pump can fail leaving a big expense it its wake. When this happens, our professional plumbers can quickly diagnose the problem and get you up and running in no time. When disaster occurs, Contact Plumb Professionals for a free estimate. 

Pressure Tank Repairs and Installs

On well water systems the pressure tank is what gives us prolonged lengths of higher water pressure protecting the well pump by keeping it from short cycling. Undersized pressure tanks can decrease the life of the well pump causing costly repairs before their time. To protect the equipment that is responsible for pulling water out of the ground that feeds our homes, it is recommended to increase the capacity of undersized tanks with the upgraded 40-60 pressure switch. Like anything else, pressure tanks can fail creating costly flood repairs and lack of water pressure to the home.

If you are having low water pressure issues or notice water around your well equipment, then have one of our highly skilled professional plumbers troubleshoot your issues for a free evaluation. We will inform you what is going on and give options for any work that is required or may be needed in the near future so you can start planning for the inevitable.