Ashburn VA can be traced all the way back to the 1800’s in Loudoun County VA. The name Farmwell or Farmwell Station was originally recorded in the will of George Lee who was the owner of this 1200 plus acre plot of land that he had inherited from his father Thomas Lee (ancestor to Robert E Lee), who was the founder of Leesburg in 1740. The name Ashburn VAg, according to local legend, came about due to a large Ash tree being struck by lightning on a farm owned by John Janney which sparked a fire that burned incredibly bright and then smoldered for days after that. The event caused quite a commotion in the area that residents came from all over to witness the burnt Ash tree. The name Ashburn first surfaced in 1870 describing Janney’s “Ashburn Farm.” Being locals to the area, we know Ashburn VA plumbing and the greater surrounding Loudoun County. Our plumbers are highly skilled and trained with any issue that may arise in your historical or newly constructed building.

Plumbing in Ashburn VA

The rich and long history in our area gives birth to a wide variety of plumbing spanning the era of 200 years. With all the advancements in plumbing over the centuries and all the changes that now occur with the plumbing code every three years, having an experienced plumber skilled and trained in dealing with old plumbing to new construction plumbing is priceless. We can help with your water quality issues, any leaks you may experience and the dreaded drain clogs that come up from time to time. Our professional plumbers are the best in the area for diagnosing plumbing problems and repairing in a timely fashion. With free estimates and no service call fees, Plumb Professionals is your best local plumbing company. Call us today!