Sump pumps are the only thing during a storm that keeps us from flooded basements except when they fail or when there is a loss of power. Power outages during the middle of a storm, bad electrical outlets and undersized or failed sump pumps can lead to flooded homes causing thousands of dollars of remediation and repairs. Emergency battery back-up sump pump systems are a perfect way to prevent unwanted and unexpected catastrophic damage. Featured with an audible warning alarm, the back-up system will let you know when there is a loss of power or if the primary pump has failed allowing you the time needed to have the problem corrected before the flooding begins.

Our highly trained and expert plumbers can inspect your sump pump system for proper operation giving you options and recommendations of replacements when the time comes and helpful tips to increase its longevity. It is always recommended to replace these pumps proactively to prevent the flooding. Like water heaters the average lifespan for sump pumps is about 10 years.