Sewer drains are an integral part of our homes plumbing system and keeping them running is what we do best. At Plumb Professionals, we have drain cleaning equipment capable of handling fixture drain clogs to main drain clogs. If you can block, it we can unclog it.

Sewer Gases

Plumbers protect the health of the nation. Properly draining sewer drains without water and gas leaks is essential for this protection. Sewer gases can escape from traps that have dried up or broken seals, like toilet wax rings. If you smell these gases in your home or place of business, we can help. First thing we would recommend would be to make sure all floor drains have water in the trap. Pour a couple cups of water in the drain to see if the smell goes away. If it persists then contact us immediately.

Drain Clogs

Blocked drains can wreak havoc in a home. How do you know if your main drain is clogged? When you notice water backing up at the lowest drain when water is ran anywhere in the home. Our experienced plumbers will not only clear the sewer blockage but will also give professional recommendations to prevent future clogs. We maintain a clean work environment even when fighting the dirtiest of tasks and toughest of clogs. When the job is done and we are gone, it will look like we were never there.

Sewer Ejector Pumps

Some homes in our area have below grade plumbing and require a grinder pump to get it out of the home. These grinder pumps are called sewer ejector pumps. They are typically installed below the slab with a discharge pipe and vent coming out of the lid. When these pumps fail our basements back up and the smell can be breath taking, literally. This is why we recommend a complete battery back up sewer ejector pump system. This system comes with a primary pump and a secondary battery back up pump. Should the secondary pump run for any reason, an audible alarm will sound letting you know there is an issue. Our professional plumbers are experienced in dealing with these systems. We install new sewer ejector systems properly to code to help maximize your equipment’s longevity.

Don’t hesitate to contact us when these drain problems occur. Help us protect your family with an efficient visit from the Professionals. Contact us Today!