Leesburg VA Plumbers

Although established in 1758 and then later incorporated into a town in 1813, Leesburg VA has a much deeper and richer history dating back to the arrival of the first settlers in the area. The 1722 Treaty of Albany is what opened the land up for the settlement of what would later be known as Leesburg VA and the greater surrounding Loudoun County area. Leesburg VA changed hands over 150 times during the civil war and even amid such adversity, persevered into the modern town we see and love today. With the post second world war housing boom and the continued sustained growth through the technology age, Leesburg VA has continued to be one of the fastest growing communities in the country. As such, you can find a wide variety of homes dating back to the early 1700’s as well as the newest modern homes being designed and built today. From city living to horse country, the beauty and tranquility of Leesburg VA is unsurpassed.

Plumbing in Leesburg VA

With an average of 20 years in the field plumbing experience, our professional plumbers are knowledgeable about the vast differences in residential and commercial plumbing that exist in Leesburg VA. Some of the existing structures in Leesburg VA still have plumbing out of date and that is no longer up to code. Some of this includes the use of Polybutylene water piping (otherwise known as Quest Pipe) which was very popular in the late 70’s to the mid 90’s. This type of piping was never tested properly, using spring water instead of chlorinated water (which is what city water is), which ended up having a class action lawsuit placed against it due to all the flooding caused by the deterioration of fittings from the chlorination. Although the lawsuit is now closed, some of the residents in Leesburg VA still have this piping in their homes. Our professional and courteous plumbers are trained and highly experienced in re-piping houses to the new standards eliminating the threat of possible flooding due to pipe failure. Contact us today for your Free Estimate.