Clifton VA Plumbers

As only one of three incorporated Towns in Fairfax County VA, Clifton VA has one of the smallest populations around 285, according to the 2010 National Census. Receiving its name from a saw mill and railroad depot called Clifton Station built back in 1868 by Harrison G. Otis, Clifton VA was incorporated in 1902 by the Virginia General Assembly and has seen far less growth (especially East and Southwest of the Town) than its neighboring cities due to the environmental worries of overdeveloping the Bull Run and Occoquan area being possibly harmful to the Occoquan Reservoir. Because of the area’s lack of development and a late 80’s local ordinance limiting one home to be built on 5-acres of land not already divided, the southern and eastern portions of Clifton VA boast a beautiful heavily forested landscape with single family homes and equestrian landscapes to the North. Due to the local ordinance restricting land development in Clifton VA, growth, for the most part, has been limited to only single-family luxury homes being built. Declared a National Historic District in 1984 by the US Department of the Interior, Clifton VA is a small quaint Town occupying only about 0.25 square miles in size. With an extensive knowledge in plumbing and the areas that we serve, our professional plumbers can help with any plumbing problem that may come up.

Plumbing in Clifton VA

At Plumb Professionals, our plumbers are experienced and extremely knowledgeable of the Clifton VA area and the importance of quality work done right the first time. Our trained and highly skilled plumbers can answer any plumbing questions you may have and give you great advice for proper maintenance to keep your plumbing system running problem free. From basement floods to Sulphur/sewer smells to water hammers, our experienced professional plumbers in Clifton VA have seen it all and are standing by ready to help. Contact us today for your free estimate.