Outdoor plumbing has become essential in society today. Whether you live in Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun or Fauquier Counties, this area can get brutally cold. This is why it is so important to make sure the outside faucets and hose bibs are properly winterized. Helping to prevent the possible disastrous flood when the thaw arrives. 

It is convenient having the ability to water the plants, the yard or wash the car. Outdoor plumbing leaks can abruptly and unexpectedly happen causing this convenience to come to a halt. When your outdoor faucets or hose bibs leak, we can make the repair or replace the hose bib. These leaks can happen due to the fall winterization not being performed properly. This can cause the possible and inevitable frozen pipe. If you are having outdoor plumbing problems with your shut off valves or hose bibs, our expert plumbers can help. Our plumbers will walk you through the proper steps for winterization helping you to prevent possible disasters. They will also explain the importance of outdoor plumbing winterization with the cold temps and high winds we usually get.

Exterior Air Leaks

The cold is bad enough but the high winds can push that cold air further inside our homes. This exposes any air leaks from the outside that allows that cold air to reach exposed waterlines. Having your homes exterior properly sealed and protected from air gaps is very important. Also having the exterior walls insulated prevents the cold air intrusion, helping us save money during the winter.  

Does your hosebib drip constantly? The indoor shut off valve to your outside faucet not shutting the water off completely? Do you have a burst pipe caused by freezing? If the answer is yes, then call the Plumbing Pro’s at Plumb Professionals today. Schedule us out for a free estimate and our friendly knowledgeable plumbers can help. All our plumbers are the best at diagnosing the problem and finding the best solution for you and your budget. We are here to Help with all your outdoor plumbing needs! Contact us today should the need arise.

We are the Outdoor Plumbing Specialists. Our plumbers install the frost free anti-siphon hose bibs to help prevent frozen pipes. We stand by our 1 year parts and labor warranty with all hose bib installs, repairs and replacements. With no service call fees and free estimates, why call anyone else?